The Best Central and Eastern European Cheese Trophy

The Best Central and Eastern European Cheese Trophy



Sirana Gligora once again help proclaim to the world the quality of Croatian foods by producing a world class cheese which has been appointed ‘The Best Central and Eastern European Cheese’ at the World Cheese Awards.


250 of the most respected cheese experts from across the world gathered on 27th November to assess more than 2770 international cheeses, all of which we’re hopeful that their cheese would be recognised as one of the best in the world.  In the early afternoon, 57 cheeses – having been assessed as carrying all the hallmarks of high class cheese – were awarded Super Gold Medals.  One of which was Sirana Gligora’s mixed cow and milk cheese Dinarski sir, which was entered into the mixed milk category.

The 57 Super Gold winners we’re then reassessed by a panel of expert judges who placed Dinarski sir amongst the 15 best cheeses of the world.  This is the second time Sirana Gligora have had a cheese in the final, in 2010 their Paški sir astonished the judges and organisers by winning an incredible 3 Super Gold Medals and the Best New Cheese Trophy.

This time, is was another outstanding cheese produced by Sirana Gligora which impressed the judges.  In the live final, the 16 judges assessed Dinarski for the final time and awarded it The Best Eastern and Central European Cheese Trophy, a category which included great cheese producing nations such as Germany and Austria.

2013 has been a very good year, for Sirana Gligora have collected their 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th major awards of the year at the World Cheese Awards.  As well as the Super Gold and Best Central and Eastern European Trophy for Dinarski sir, Sirana Gligora’s Sir s Tartufima won silver in the class of ‘cheeses with savory additives’, and in the ‘open class cow milk category’ which is perhaps one of the toughest groups, Gligora’s best selling cow milk cheese Kolan was bestowed with a Bronze medal.

kolan-tartufi 2013s

When asked if he was surprised by this result, Managing director Mr Šime Gligora commented “It’s always difficult to know what to expect from the opinions of the expert judges of these events, but after all the hard work we put in to maintain the high standards that we set for ourselves, I’m not overly surprised by this result which demonstrates our dedication and commitment to quality.  This Dinarski sir is produced using the highest quality Croatian cow and goat milk which once again puts Croatian on the international culinary map”.

We asked head of production Mr Željko Španić what he thought about Gligora’s latest award.  “It’s great to be involved in the process of cheese making with Sirana Gligora.  Since I’ve worked here I’ve learnt a great deal about what it takes to produce the highest quality products and we are all proud that our hard work has been recognised by the international community”.

“Everyone involved with Sirana Gligora is very proud of this achievement and that Dinarski sir has been recognised by experts across the world”.  Adds Šime Gligora.  “This award is particularly pleasing as we have been intensely developing Dinarski sir since it’s creation.  My father Ivan Gligora has a vast knowledge of cheese production from his life spanning career in the industry, and his input is invaluable to the quality of the final product.  As well as that we reaffirm our commitment to incredibly high standards including sourcing only the very best raw materials”.

Sirana Gligora’s award winning cheese is available in all good supermarkets and food stores across Croatia, as well as from Sirana Gligora’s own line of Cheese Shops in all major cities.

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