About us

About us

Sirana Gligora is a family dairy in the beautiful village of Kolan on the Island of Pag, Croatia.  The Gligora family have been making traditional Croatian cheese, and in particular Paški Sir in Kolan since 1918.

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Ivan Gligora, who after 30 years at the top of his profession in the dairy industry, took the small family production to the next level by opening Sirana Gligora in 1995 on the grounds of his family home.  Due to his vast experience, skill, commitment to the highest quality of local milk, and dedication to the family heritage of cheese production, Ivan’s cheese quickly acquired a reputation for its distinguished taste and quality.  It was not with-out hard work and dedication that Ivan overcame many obstacles on his way to fulfilling his dream, but with his phenomenal cheese demand soon outstripped the production that was afforded to him in the family home.

IMG_0976After many national and international awards, Ivan and his family applied for SAPARD EU funding for help to build a completely new and modern dairy in Kolan.  In just 6 months time the application was tendered and the dairy, which was one of the most modern in the world at the time was build.  In January 2010 production began at the new facilities and after just 3 month, a wheel of Paški Sir was produced that would later go on to astonish the organisers and judges alike at the 2010 World Cheese Awards.

Thus Ivan’s remarkable career was crowned with the opening of his new dairy and 3 Super Gold Medals and the ‘Best New Cheese Trophy’ at the World Cheese Awards.

Today Ivan’s son Šime Gligora who has a masters in agriculture management, is leading the company forward in innovation and more importantly, with investment in the local community to ensure that the production of Pag milk is a viable option for the generations to come.

Sirana Gligora now have the biggest market share among all the family cheese producers in Croatia and you can find our cheese in all good supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and fine gourmet stores.  We also have our own line of shops selling all our products plus many of the top wines, meats and jams that you can find in Croatia.