Take a Cheese Tasting Tour at Sirana Gligora

Take a Cheese Tasting Tour at Sirana Gligora


With around 200 tonnes of cheese slowly maturing in our cheese cave today (07.05.2014), there has never been a better time to visit Sirana Gligora and take our intimate cheese tasting tour.


In all there are some 23 variations of sheep, cow, goat and mixed milk cheeses, or an incredible 10000 wheels of cheese at various staged of maturation.  From new season’s Paški sir and our young goat milk cheese Kozlar, to our special reserve cheeses more than 24 months old and my personal favourite corner of the cave, what I like to call the ‘experimental section’, where the delicious smell of ageing cheese is fused with the wild herbs, high quality Istrian truffles, pressed wine grapes and more.



The cheese tasting tour starts with a welcome and introduction to Croatia’s most famous cheese Paški sir, and a short talk on the rich heritage and history of cheese making on Pag.  Then, after donning your protective hat, jacket and shoes your group leader will take you on a guided tour of the production and maturing caves, explaining how we make our award-winning cheese at each step along the way.


After passing through the maturing rooms and taking in the delicious whiff of maturing cheese, I guarantee that your appetite will be ravenous.  So the next stop is by far everyone’s favourite, award-winning cheese tasting in our specially built tasting rooms with stunning views of the Island of Pag.


Chose from 4 different set menus with different combinations of Gligora cheese with dried meats like pršut or Adriatic anchovies, and take a glass or bottle of of delicious Croatia wine and enjoy at your leisure.

If you’re still not decided on your favourite Gligora cheese after nibbling your way through the dairy don’t worry,  head on to our farmhouse cheese shop and don’t be afraid to ask to try any of the products so you can take back a delicious souvenir.


A Gligora cheese tasting tour will live long in the memory of your holiday on Pag.  We’re open daily from 9 am to 5 pm and you can buy tickets from our cheese shops in Kolan or Novalja, but it’s advisable to book in advance if possible.

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Do ask your guide:

How many sheep are on Pag?

How many liters of sheep milk in 1 kg of Paški sir?

Don’t ask your guide:

Where is the cheddar :-)

Send us an email or call to make your booking are we’ll look forward to seeing you soon!


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