raw milk Paski sir

Global Cheese Awards 2014 – EN


na hrvatsku..

Sirana Gligora has achieved another great result at the Global Cheese Awards, second place and a silver medal in the class of hard sheep cheeses with Paski sir iz sirovog mlijeka, our raw milk Paški sir.

raw milk Paski sir

Such original and award winning cheese from Gligora is increasing export demand and awareness in foreign markets and more people are having the opportunity to try this great cheese from Gligora.  Production of this raw milk chese is carefully controlled and strict health and hygiene standards are adhered to but in our new dairy these stringent controls are always as standard.  Our raw milk Paški sir carries all the qualities of our standard Island of Pag cheese but by forgoing the heat treatment of the milk a stronger taste and aroma is achieved and thus the full terroir of Pag can be found.

extra mature Dinarski sir

extra mature Dinarski sir

Also at the Global Cheese Awards, our extra mature Dinarski sir (goat and cow milk cheese from the Dinaric mountains) finished second in the hard pressed continental cheese category and after the huge success in 2013 at the World Cheese Awards, this confirms Dinarski sir as a great cheese.

The Global Cheese Awards is the oldest competition of its kind in the UK having been established since 1861.  This year it was visited by more than 20,000 cheese lovers who were able to samples some 1500 amazing cheeses from across the globe including our Silver medal winners. Since 2012 Gligora cheese have won Gold twice and Silver 5 times at the Global Cheese Awards.

Sirana Gligora cheeses can be found along side fine Croatian wines and delicacies in our line of Croatian cheese shops in Zagreb, Rijeka, Opatija, Pula, Island of Pag, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik and Ljubljana in Slovenia.

We have also recently opened our online cheese shop where you can find all the same delicious products and have them delivered to your home www.webshop.gligora.com


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